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The Cathedral

The Cathedral, built in 1131 by Ruggero, is the flagship of the magnificent Norman town. Its history, full of traditions and culture, is told and known all over the world.

The "Lavatoio"

The Medieval Washhouse of Cefalù is located along Corso Vittorio Emanuele, the road that runs along the coast of Cefalù. It houses the mouth of the river Cefalino that after having made an underground path of about twelve kilometers reaches the sea level right near the wash house.

Mandralisca Museum

The Mandralisca Museum is the only museum in the city of Cefalù. The foundation is owed to the baron Enrico Piraino of Mandralisca, who collected, in his short life (1809-1864), numerous objects of art, putting them in his home, where they still are. The archives of the museum and foundation can also be found in the premises, on the basis of which it is possible to reconstruct the history of the institution in detail.

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Cefalù e il parco delle Madonie.

Cefalù is a small and lovely Arabian Town in the Northern coast of Sicily, an interesting place for all those who don’t love only the sea and the sun, but also something else. You can always discover something new in Cefalù, while you are walking along its fascinating small streets, called “vaneddi”, in the heart of the town, and think of its history and glorious past.

The most important monuments to visit are: The Cathedral in Piazza Duomo with its beautiful mosaics and the Pantocrator. The Mandralisca Museum where people coming from all over the world can admire the famous painting of “Ritratto d’Ignoto” by Antonello da Messina.

The Medieval Laundry, where women washed their clothes till the end of XIX century.

The Osterio Magno, the town walls surrounding Cefalù and the many churches Cefalù is also the entrance for the Madonie, one of the most important Sicilian mountains, rich in olive, beech and conifer trees, small and rare plants, but also in lovely and characteristic towns and medieval villages.

It is easy to reach the main Sicilian and most famous cities, like Palermo, Monreale , Agrigento, Etna, Taormina, Siracusa and the Eolien Isles because of its central position, its railway station and a very close airport.

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